If you ask the tourist who comes to the island for the fifth or seventh time, “Why La Palma?”

Then you get a concrete, a bit romantic answer: “Here is the winter like in spring, the almonds are blooming in February, where you can swim all year round on the small, clean beaches, hiking for hours through the majestic forests and numerous viewing platforms You can pick bananas and other fruits from the tree, walk along the edge of a huge volcanic crater, and climb the highest mountain, which was once the first inhabitants, the so-called Benaor rivets, as a place for cult and religious rituals served, and is now occupied by an astrophysical observatory of world-class telescopes.
The beauty and simplicity of the architecture, the gentle and welcoming character of the local people, traditional celebrations, leaves respect for its history, makes you want to visit the island again.
Island of peace and harmony. “